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In the Land of Cattawampus

In the Land of Cattawampus

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Bestiaries (or bestiarum vocabulum) are large, stylized books that document strange creatures and entertain with intricate images, fanciful imaginations. This bestiary covers creatures and mysteries from West Virginia.

400+ pages of monsters, their histories, and lives.

Bigfeet: Apple Devil, Fairfeet, Grafton Monster, Stonemen, Yahoo, Yellow Gape, Woodland Crooner

Aves: Day Hoot, Departure Bird, Devil Eggs, Proboscis Bird, Thunderbird, Tlanuwa, Snaggle Tooth Roc

Extraterrestrials: Flatwoods Monster, Grinning Men, Silver Saucers and Other UFOs, Vegetable Man, Aerial Manta Rays

Fae: Blue Grims, Common Faeries, Common Brownies, Nunnehi, S'liss, Common Sprites, Spirit of the Forest, Common Nymphs, Canridauis, Common Gnomes

Plants: Dandy-Lion, Four-Leaved Clovers, Pallidae & Waxen Acorns, Red Ramps,

Halfings: Lu'Scorn, Cursed Ones, No Eyes, Metamorphae, Shadow People, Wampus Cat & Obsidian Bobcats, Wicks, Stoneclad, Beastmen

Insects: Fireco Monster, Laced Amberwing, Golden-Headed Handsome Trig, Glass Beetle, Tongue Bunnies, Messenger Bees, Whooping Spider

In the Waters: Monongy, Fangmalia, Mudbottoms, Ogua, Winifred, Msi-Pissi, Uktena

Mammalians: Appalachian Black Panther, Pokim, Catawampus, Devil Dog, Living Towers, House Bats, Nyah-Gwaheh, Pipisanguisuge, Sheepsquatch, Snarly Yow, Southern Masked Bear, Yakwawiak, Moon-Eyed People, Night Mares, Yunwi Tsunsdi'

Reptiles: Cumberland Dragon, Hesink, Rain Snakes, Storm Snappers, Snallygaster

Unclassifiable: Abbagoochie, Flying Heads, Mothman, Red Eyes, Headless Guardian, Moving Mountains, Stone Heads, Stonecoat, Corpse Walker, Slank, Thunderers

Mysterious and Wonderful Objects: Death Crowns, Evil Eye Charm, Kindling Chimes, Star Quilts, Weeping Woman Statue

Paranormal Entities: over 150 paranormal entities from Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Martinsburg, Beckley, St. Albans, Bluefield, Moundsville, Hurricane, Point Pleasant, Weston, Lewisburg, and many other cities